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2013-04-02 06:00 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [identity profile] darkcloe.livejournal.com!!!

Oh, and same procedure as every year with your presents. Haha. o;;;

P.S.: Sorry to everyone I'm not answering currently, I'm in an ... odd mood. Might have something to do with exams approaching fast. IDK. I'm just not fun to be around at the moment.
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2013-02-28 06:03 pm
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If you're bored, why don't pick some negative words and/or positive words to describe me!

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2013-02-07 08:29 am


kidfic kiss to save the day holiday amnesia forced to marry
truth or dare bodyswap fake relationship accidental baby acquisition accidental marriage
au: hooker / porn / stripper de-aged FREE

presumed dead poker/strip poker
cross-dressing fusion fuck or die huddle for warmth soul bonding / soulmates
au: neighbors genderswap sharing a bed slavefic immortality / reincarnation
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2012-01-23 11:10 pm

this user deserves to be punished

[personal profile] boeserhimmel, I hope you studied today.

Because then you fully deserve to treat me like the bastard I am.

(I should clarify for those who are unaware of this ... situation: I promised her a fic that I still haven't even started writing yet.)
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2012-01-16 08:50 pm

The Reichenbach Fall

All the things that went wrong in Belgravia and Hounds? I couldn't care less. That last episode was brilliant.


I can't even put it into words, really.

Andrew Scott who shot himself in the head. Just 'cause.

Martin Freeman who makes you cry by simply sitting in a chair, barefooted.

Benedict Cumberbatch who manages to show you how a character hates himself for breaking apart.
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2012-01-15 02:20 pm

Sort of a fic recommendation, I guess?

Thank God I've found at least one fic where John makes Sherlock pay. If you're interested, I found it here, on the Sherlock kinkmeme. While it's not perfect by far, it was enough to satiate my desire for revenge.

Seriously though, the characterization in The Hounds of Baskerville really bothered me in two scenes: John not noticing/caring about Sherlock's distress at the fireplace and Sherlock watching John freak out as if it were merely a television show. I do think both these scenes weren't compliant with the characterization and character development of the series.

I'd be really interested to hear your take on these scenes, as I was feeling majorly uncomfortable having to sit through them.
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2011-12-24 11:34 am

Merry Christmas!

I think starting this DW journal with such a festive message is a good idea.